100% handmade 100% certified organic essential oils 100% natural with no nasties



We all know a full night’s sleep is pretty much unheard of as a new parent. But even SuperMum’s and SuperDad’s need a little help. Relax the busyness of your mind and get a sound night sleep (even if it's only for a few hours!) with this 100% natural blend of calming chamomile and dreamy lavender mist. Using only the best French certified organic essential oils you'll be counting the zzz's not sheep!

Before sleep, spray Babyzzzen lightly onto pillow or mist over your baby like a soothing blanket, take a deep breath and you will both be sleeping like babies!! 

Spraying on your baby's blanket every night as a routine is also a great way to invoke a sense of comfort when they are away from you.

KEYNOTES: lavender + roman chamomile
USAGE: body + room mist
118ml e4oz aluminium bottle
Easy to throw into a nappy bag!